We strive to offer a different type of photographic tour than most. Our focus is on fun, adventure, culture and having experiences others will never have. In order to enjoy these experiences, we “Step Away from the Road”. Each tour is a customized journey for the location and the group joining us. While our “Step Away from the Road” adventures have an emphasis on remote nature and hiking, other trips will focus on unique culture and may have more roadside, easy to get to shooting locations. Essentially, if the destination is full of nature, expect to make the most of it. If we are visiting a country steeped in culture, expect to be immersed in local tradition.


The Outer Banks
The Outer Banks
January 22-26, 2020
Join us on this five day workshop while we explore the coasts, wildlife and lighthouses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Join David as he shares his knowledge of photography and this unique location.
Utah – Capitol Reef and Beyond
Utah - Capitol Reef and Beyond
May 27-31, 2020
Capitol Reef is known as the hidden treasure of the West. It is filled with natural Navajo Sandstone domes, cliffs, canyons, hoo doos, bridges and arches. We will take you to places most people will never visit. We will use 4x4s to gain access to areas off the main road that rival Monument Valley, allowing you to capture images most photographers have never seen.
Summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
Summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
June 4-7, 2020
Rhododendron, Flame Azaleas, Mountain Laurel and the illusive Gray’s Lily are awaiting to accentuate the already incredible landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Those who join me on this 3 and a half day adventure will learn to capture the best these historic mountains have to offer.
Exploring the Dolomites
Exploring the Dolomites
June 14-19, 2020
We will hit multiple national nature parks to photograph the best of the best! Each day will be packed with amazing views, food and fun! We will have a mix of some hiking and some roadside shoots. We will maintain a flexible schedule for just the right conditions to shoot the sunrise, sunset and stars.
Bali Culture & Nature Photographic Tour
Bali Culture & Nature Photographic Tour
July 5-11, 2020
This land is a magical place where culture and nature coexist in harmony. Come join us in Indonesia as we take advantage of our unique insight and access to the Balinese lifestyle. We will visit locals in working rice fields, and Hindu temples with their venerable priests as well as forging through jungles to see the most amazing waterfalls.
Canadian Rockies in the Fall – Banff & Jasper
Canadian Rockies in the Fall - Banff & Jasper
Sept 20-26, 2020
Banff Canada and the surrounding Canadian Rockies is widely known as one of the greatest locations on earth to photograph amazing mountainous landscapes and apex predators in one sitting. We will explore this area looking for new iconic shots and creative wildlife compositions on the same day.
Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
October 22-25, 2020
Few places match the awesome beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall. While the Blue Ridge run from Georgia  to Southern Pennsylvania, the most spectacular section is in North Carolina. With easy access to fantastic vistas with layers of colorful peaks to golden laced waterfalls, the opportunities are endless this time of year.
New Zealand
New Zealand
November 8-14, 2020
New Zealand is the mother of all destinations. A country of unrivaled beauty ranging from jagged peaks to deep fjords to raging rivers to black sand beaches… and this can all be seen on day one! I’ve never experienced a landscape that was so ever changing from one mountain pass to the next. If there should ever be a bucket list destination, this is it.


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