New Zealand

New Zealand is the mother of all destinations. A country of unrivaled beauty ranging from jagged peaks to deep fjords to raging rivers to black sand beaches… and this can all be seen on day one! I’ve never experienced a landscape that was so ever changing from one mountain pass to the next. If there should ever be a bucket list destination, this is it.

We will walk to the foot of glaciers emitting waters with colors so vivid you will think a higher power painted them that very morning.  We will see wildlife that can only be found on these remote islands and we will hike amongst the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Ever changing weather conditions allow for spectacular light at any moment so photography often takes place throughout the day, not just during the golden hours. Our days will range from short walks to extended hikes and we will certainly take advantage of the roadside destinations as well.

The tour size will be limited to a very small group as it is the precursor to the larger workshop being offered next year. This will allow us to customize the trip around those that join. It will also allow us to cover much more ground than a larger group could, increasing the variety of locations we will visit. While this tour revolves around capturing beautiful scenery under optimal lighting conditions, it is not just for the trained photographer. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join to see the amazing landscapes New Zealand has to offer.

Event: Epic New Zealand

Date: November 7 – November 13, 2021

Location Starting Point: Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand

Activity Level: Moderate – There will be plenty of short walks, but also some longer hikes with elevation changes. We will customize the tour to accommodate the level of those attending.

Cost: $2900 per person. Includes lodging and ground travel. Meals are not included. Rates are based on double accommodation. Discounts are available for those traveling together. Single rooms may be available for an extra fee.

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