Bali Culture & Nature Photographic Tour

This land is a magical place where culture and nature coexist in harmony. Come join us in Indonesia as we take advantage of our unique insight and access to the Balinese lifestyle. We will visit locals in working rice fields, and Hindu temples with their venerable priests as well as forging through jungles to see the most amazing waterfalls.

David will be joined by his sister, Kaycee, who for years has lived among the Balinese people learning their language and culture. Her amazing linguist skills and passion for their way of life will grant us access to communities and situations most visitors to Bali will never experience. From sacred ceremonies to engaging a fascinating local at work, her acceptance into their community will prove invaluable.




The Balinese have a respect for nature most civilizations can only aspire to attain. They treat natural wonders as gifts not to be desecrated. This consideration of nature allows for stunning images of waterfalls and coastlines.  Even the way they farm shows harmony with nature and provides amazing imagery of terraced rice fields speckled with rare birds and the occasional worker carrying goods of amazing size and proportion.


While the jungles are remote and the ceremonies feel from ages long ago, the cities have a hustle and bustle unlike any western civilization. Scooters whisk by in the hundreds and street markets pop up unannounced providing fantastic candid street photography.

We respect the people and way of life in Bali more than any other. If you love nature and are intrigued by other cultures and would like to experience a once in a lifetime immersion into this beautiful country, this photographic tour is a must.

Event: Bali Culture and Nature Photographic Tour

Date: July 5 – 11, 2020

Location Starting Point: Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Activity Level: Moderate – There will be plenty of short walks, but also some longer hikes with elevation changes. We will customize the tour to accommodate the level of those attending.

Cost: $3500 per person. Includes lodging and ground travel. Meals are not included. Rates are based on double accommodation. Discounts are available for those traveling together. Single rooms may be available for an additional cost.

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