Utah – Capitol Reef and Beyond

Capitol Reef is known as the hidden treasure of the West

Capitol Reef is the most often overlooked national park, not because it lacks in beauty, but because the majority of it lies off the main road passing through the park. It is filled with natural Navajo Sandstone domes, cliffs, canyons, hoo doos, bridges and arches. It is also a registered Dark Sky Park and yields some of the most fantastic night photography in North America.

There are also nearby State Parks we will visit that have some amazing features most travelers will never lay eyes on, as well as, at least one hidden slot canyon that cannot be found on a map.

Armed with the knowledge of a local back country guide, we will take you to places most people driving through this amazing area will never visit. We will use 4x4s to gain access to areas off the main road that rival Monument Valley, allowing you to capture images most photographers have never seen.  The other plus of this type of trip is it means very small groups and personal attention.

Our schedule will be very flexible looking for a couple of clear nights to shoot the stars and just the right conditions for sunrise and sunset photography. We will make the most of every day, but as always, we will leave room for down time so we can stay at our best.

We won’t be going on any crazy hiking excursions, but this trip does have some hiking involved. We rate it moderate and as always, we will cater the activity level to the group.

Event: Utah – Capitol Reef and Beyond

Date: June 2 – June 6, 2021

Activity Level: Moderate – There will be plenty of short walks, but also some longer hikes with elevation changes.

Cost: $1400 per person. Includes lodging but excludes travel and meals. Rates are based on double accommodation. Discounts are available for those traveling together. Single rooms may be available for an additional cost.

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