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Why Us?

We strive to offer a different type of photographic tour than most. Our focus is on fun, adventure, culture and having experiences others will never have. In order to enjoy these experiences, we “Step Away from the Road”. Each tour is a customized journey for the location and the group joining us. While our “Step Away from the Road” adventures have an emphasis on remote nature and hiking, other trips will focus on unique culture and may have more roadside, easy to get to shooting locations. Essentially, if the destination is full of nature, expect to make the most of it. If we are visiting a country steeped in culture, expect to be immersed in local tradition.

While all our journeys are not major hiking trips, we do like to be mobile to put ourselves in the right place at the right moment. Maximizing the best light is a top priority, but not at the expense of staying healthy and having a good time. While we will be up for the early morning light on most days and out late to capture the end of the golden hour, midday breaks are the norm during the harshest light when good photography is hard to come by. We take our time while hiking so we can enjoy nature and focus on our surroundings and photographing them at their best. Whether its trekking a mile or two to capture a beautiful cascade surrounded by fall colors, or up the side of a mountain by headlamp to witness the perfect sunrise, we will do what it takes to ensure our clients are comfortable while experiencing the best a location has to offer.

You don’t need to be a photographic expert to join our group! Some come with nothing more than a mobile phone while others have years of experience. We offer a discount for your non-photographer friends that would like to join you. Taking it a step further, a few of our trips even offer two itineraries, one for the diehard photographer and a second itinerary for those only wanting to experience more of what the location has to offer. We also provide private tours for those that want a customized location and itinerary to fit around their group, schedule and abilities. Contact us for more details!

Pack your bag, bring your friends, and let’s experience something new together!

Meet Your Guide

David grew up in the southeastern US spending much of his free time surrounded by nature in the mountains, lakes, and streams of North Carolina and Tennessee. Always eager to share his adventures from the most recent camping or hiking expedition, he now leads nature, wildlife, and cultural photography tours to encourage others to appreciate the art of what surrounds us.

Inspired by his family’s love for travel, he has been fortunate enough to visit 49 US states, always looking to experience what each has to offer for landscape and wildlife photography. Later he began traveling internationally visiting and photographing over 33 countries. Influenced by exposure to different cultures and a vast array of wilderness, he conveys his experiences through the camera lens. David strives to deliver imagery that tells a story, immersing the viewer into the scene, while maintaining a realism that is often missing in today’s photography. David was recently named as one of 42 Awesome Photographers by Photoshelter, one of the leading distributors of photographs to the commercial and print industry. He continues to pursue the perfect image while striving to live by the words of his favorite quote:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Vicki Corona
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